Terhi Virkki-Hatakk

Project Ref.: 612641-EPP-1-2019-1-BE-EPPKA2-KA
Textile Engineering for Co-creation Paradigms in Education

Terhi Virkki-Hatakk
Position: Lappeenranta University
Country: Finland
Property: Steering member
Role in the project: Leader

D.Sc. (tech) in Chemical Engineering

Experience in project management, academic education and research. Specialised in multidisciplinary tasking.

Managing several research and development projects since 2010 (both EU and ministry funded projects). A member of J. Hyneman Center team at LUT.

Coordinating doctoral education development at LUT (e.g. Responsible of supervisors’ training course and LUT doctoral mentoring programme, head organisator of three doctoral education conferences, and LUT representative of national doctoral education network).

Research interests in wide range combine chemical, energy and environmental engineering, academic education and continuous & innovative development.