Project Ref.: 612641-EPP-1-2019-1-BE-EPPKA2-KA
Textile Engineering for Co-creation Paradigms in Education



Logo of EuraMaterials

EuraMaterials is now the new the North-European cluster that acts as a cornerstone in the new processing material industries. Since innovation has its origin more and more in multi cross-expertise and the diversity of materials, EuraMaterials eases networking, meetings and exchanges between stakeholders in the fields of textile, paper/cardboard, plastics, glass, composites, ceramics, wood, metal…

With the merger EuraMaterials is now an association (non-profit) which employs 16 people experts in project management, innovation, business development.

Among the services of Euramaterials:

EURAMATERIALS will focus on the textile industry in Belgium and North of France.

They represent directly more than 258 members based in France & in Belgium with a network of more than 1000 companies which can be reached through their databases. They will learn about co-creation and how to use it by participation, contribute to developing and evaluating the support tool. This will strengthen their position as role of innovator in their sector.

richter+partner - Germany

Logo image of Richter & Partner company

richter+partner operates the SmartTex network. It starts as regional network and is now developing into an international network. The aim is to realize the development and use of smart textile materials in a wide variety of industries. The aim is for companies in the textile industry to launch innovative new products on the market and to support innovative product developments in smart materials in other industrial sectors. For this purpose, development projects are organized. The communication supports the possibilities of smart textile applications and organizes and promotes collaboration between researchers and industry.

TexMind - Germany


Texmind was founded in 2011 by Prof. Dr. Ing. Habil. Math Yordan Kyosev to cover the increased requests for specialized software. The main activity of the company is development of specialized textile CAD systems. Currently it provides the following commercial software products: Braider Tubular, Braider Flat, Braider Multifilament, Braiding Machine Configurator (machines with fixed tracks), Computer Controlled Braiding machine configurator (3D braiding machines), Warp Knitting Pattern Editor 3D. The Texmind Textile 3D Viewer is additional software package, provided as freeware and allowing quick 3D visualisation of the textile structures. Additionally, large list of specialized tools for multilayer weaving, weft knitting, special braiding machines and export tools for FEM, CFD Software rounds the software products of the TexMind. The company organizes additional teaching courses in the area of modelling of textiles and the textile technology. Additionally to the owner, the company has two part time developers and administrative assistants and large network of industrial and academic partners and independent software developers.

The company has been presented on all important for textile international fairs like ITMA 2015, ITMA 2019, Techtextil Frankfurt 2015, 2017, 2019; Techtextil Atlanta 2017, Herzog Open House 2017.

Knitronix - Italy


Knitronix offer formable fabric sensors based on proprietary wire knits. By combining fine metal wires with non-conductive fibers we design and manufacture high duty cycle textile sensors measuring temperature, pressure and the presence of liquid.

Knitronix produce textile sensors detecting pressure, temperature and the presence of liquid. Our target markets are industrial safety and occupational health, patient monitoring and performance tracking. Our proprietary knitting machinery and material combinations are protected by EU and US patents.